Event Organizer

The Wau Holland Stiftung invites you to the 8th OpenPGP Summit

Overall Schedule

  • Hacking Day: Thursday, June 6, 2024
  • Main Event: Friday & Saturday, June 7/8, 2024


The event will take place at Hotel Sonnennof in Dietzenbach, near Frankfurt.


Meeting of experts to discuss technical details around encrypted emails using OpenPGP.

This is an event open for anybody involved in the development of email clients using OpenPGP for encryption.

NOTE: This is a meeting of those who develop software related to OpenPGP email. Thus, we will have a lot of tech talk about and standards, key discovery and key servers, subject encryption, password recovery, security/policies, etc.

Thus, you’re very welcome to join us if you are working in the area of

  • technical details
  • for sending encrypted emails
  • with OpenPGP
  • in a project or product

Rules: This is a public meeting. As we want to be fully transparent, anything discussed during the meeting is considered public.


The event, including a hotel room for 2 nights and lunch are offered by the Wau Holland Stiftung (If you want to stay longer, you can pay for the extra nights on your own).

If you want to attend, please:

  1. add your name to the List of Attendees (Cryptpad).
  2. book a room at the hotel, providing the booking code “OpenPGP Event” in the comment field.


Thursday, June 6, 2024:

Friday, June 7, 2024:

  • 09:30: Welcome, Organizational Issues, Agenda and Schedule
  • 09:45: Report on action items of last Summit
  • 10:15: Plenary Talks
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 13:30: Organizing Working Groups
  • 14:00: Working Groups
  • 19:30: Dinner at Tafelspitz & Söhne in Offenbach

Saturday, June 8, 2024:

  • 09:30: Working Groups
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 13:00: Working Group
  • 15:00: Final Working Group Reports
  • 15:45: Wrap up
  • 16:30: End

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes.