GpgFrontend is a modern, easy-to-use, compact, cross-platform, and installation-free gpg front-end tool. By using GpgFrontend, you can quickly encrypt and decrypt text or files. Or at the same time as the above operations, you can add your own signature to let others know that this document or this paragraph of text was issued by you.

Furthermore, it visualizes most of the common operations of gpg commands. It aims to allow ordinary users to quickly use gpg and make professional users more convenient. GpgFrontend supports some new features of OpenPGP.


  • Open source, free, no need to install.
  • Can run on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Just double-click, and then you can use it freely.
  • Before use, you only need to install gnupg. A tiny tool of a few MB.
  • Supports multiple languages. Don’t forget to help me translate this software.

Key Facts