PGPro can encrypt and decrypt messages as well as manage your PGP keys. It is free, simple and lightweight. Everything stays on your device. PGPro is open-source and made in Switzerland 🇨🇭

You can

  • Encrypt and Decrypt your Messages
  • Import Keys from File, Clipboard and the Web (Web Key Directory and OpenPGP Keyserver)
  • Export all Keys to a GPG Keyring file
  • Share Keys via Share Sheet
  • Generate new 3072-bit RSA Keys


  • PGPro does not support ECC Keys
  • PGPro does not support sign-only keys
  • PGPro does not support symmetric encryption

Key Facts

  • Developer/Publisher: Luca Näf
  • License: Open Source (GNU GPL-3.0)
  • Encryption Library: ObjectivePGP (Open Source)
  • Price: Free. Donations accepted
  • Web:
  • Help: Help is provided in the FAQ and by the developer via email